Quality assurance is also part of quality management, and it is committed to providing the trust that quality requirements will be met. Quality assurance refers to all planned and systematic activities that are implemented in a quality management system to certify that a product or service meets quality requirements and that are validated as needed. Quality assurance generally applies to contracts where the primary purpose is to convince the user that the product or service meets the specified quality requirements.

The content of quality assurance is by no means pure quality assurance. Quality assurance is the task of quality control. Quality assurance is based on quality assurance and further extends to the basic purpose of providing “trust”.

Quality assurance is the commitment, norms and standards for producing products according to certain standards. The State Quality and Technical Supervision Bureau shall provide product quality technical standards, ie production formula, composition of components, packaging and packaging capacity, and problems in transportation and storage. The product shall indicate the date of manufacture, the name of the manufacturer, the address, etc. After the technical supervision bureau approves this standard, the company can produce products. According to this standard, the State Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision will test whether the products produced meet the standard requirements to ensure that the quality of the products meets the requirements of the public.

All planned and systematic activities that are implemented to ensure that an entity meets quality requirements and that are implemented in the quality system and verified as needed are called quality assurance. Obviously, quality assurance is generally applicable to contracts where the main purpose is to convince users that the product or service meets the specified quality requirements. Quality assurance cannot be perfected if the given quality requirements do not fully reflect the user's needs. Quality Control (QC) and Quality Assurance are steps taken to ensure that defective products or services are produced and designed to meet performance requirements. Quality control includes quality control of raw materials, components, products and components, production-related services and management, production and inspection processes.

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