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CViTec GmbH is one of the world’s leading companies in LED lighting business. It was established in May 2010. The head office locates in the City Eschborn in Germany, and owns three sales companies worldwide: the first is ART LIGHTING Co., Ltd., locates in China with main business of lighting fixture products. The second is CVL Lighting Co., Ltd., also locates in China and focuses on lighting source products. The third company is CViTec USA, its location is in North America, focuses on lighting luminaires and lighting source.
CViTec GmbH has four factories in China: Sunlight factory was founded in 2001 for LED Chips production, Civilight factory in 2006 for LED driver production, Easylight factory in 2008 for production of lighting source, and the new FOSHAN factory, founded in 2015 for lighting luminary’s production.
CViTec GmbH has two famous brands, CViTEC® and CIVILIGHT®. CIVILIGHT® has been established for more than 12 years and has attained a very good reputation worldwide, especially in European market. It focuses on lighting source products, such as spotlight, bulbs and other lighting source. CViTEC® was established 3 years ago, specialized on hotel lighting, shop lighting and also industry lighting and outdoor lighting.
CViTec GmbH has formed a long-year experienced R&D team for new products and new technology, is very strong at innovation. We have a lot of patent designs, such as special HALED™ patent design for spotlight, and LEDincand™ patent design for LED bulbs, most of the products have high CRI around Ra95 (with SUNWHITE™ Technology). And for LED drivers, they are all designed and produced by ourselves to keep the best quality. All products have CE, PSE or UL certificates to meet different market requirements for certification.

CViTec GmbH 
Phone: 0049 61969541461
Email: market@cvitec.de/ kontakt@cvitec.de
Address: Ludwig-Erhard-Str.1A, 65760 Eschborn, Germany

Phone: 0049 61969541461
Email: market@cvitec.de/ kontakt@cvitec.de
Address: Ludwig-Erhard-Str.1A, 65760 Eschborn, Germany
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