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Aris Track Light

Modern and slim structure design, with special air-cooling system, 100lm/ W 

by Ra90. Replaceable lens with 15°/ 24°/ 36°/ 50°.

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The LED track lights It is a kind of luminaries which have strong function of directionality, high-centralized.The lights of the 

track spot maninly aim at one object. Emphasize the texture of the object.Can be also used at illume daylighting again, 

foil atmosphere. Aris Track light, by German designer.including light design, we focus on quality of light, CRI>90, whole light 

luminaries lumens>100lm/W, No flicker, SDCM<3, make surroundings of high-quality illumination. Humanized design, 

power supply beam angle optional, light efficiency optional, one-stop to meet different customer needs. 

Smaller shape and high power . 

6063 aluminum,Airflow design ,Extremely slim but excellent heat dissipation,so our track light will 

smaller than others. Such as 50W ,at least smaller than 30%. 

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Address: Ludwig-Erhard-Str.1A, 65760 Eschborn, Germany

Phone: 0049 61969541461
Address: Ludwig-Erhard-Str.1A, 65760 Eschborn, Germany
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