Nox Flex Strip

SUNWHITE® technology, automatically changing in line with real sunshine.

Exact colour selection in 2100K~5700K on black body line, high CRI 90.

Comfortable and uniform light with no lighting dot by 3D SMD LED.

High brightness up to 1200lm/m.

Wide beam angle 180°.

Flexible and easy to cut.

Helio Floor Lamp

SUNWHITE Technology

SUNWHITE System / DALI System / Bluetooth System 

Connecting with nature like sunlight

Natural light shines in the whole office like sunlight. 

CCT can be changed according to: 

different regions 

different time in a day 

different seasons 

Helio Pendant Lamp

SUNWHITE Technology 
Beam Angle(°): Up:160°  Down:36°/48°/60°

Warranty Comply with international industry standards
Case We bring the world new light
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Phone: 0049 61969541461
Address: Ludwig-Erhard-Str.1A, 65760 Eschborn, Germany
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